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Modular Sheds

The Modular is a good example of the marriage of form and need. The need was growing piles of firewood around the yard, without yard-space where a large firewood shed could go. The idea for a long narrow shed, attached to the 6′ high fence along one side of the yard suddenly seemed just right – a perfect location. It was.

It looked beautiful, it held large amounts of firewood, and it took up very little yard space. Others began to admire the simple beauty of this type of shed design – and then another idea began to form. I would make them portable, so that they could easily be placed wherever they best fit.

I made half a dozen 6′ X 6′ wood-racks for my step-son, who also had growing piles of tarp-covered firewood around his yard, looking like abnormal lumpy blue growths. The transformation was dramatic: they added beauty to the yard, opened up much yard space, and afforded considerably better drying conditions for the firewood itself.

Another application that has worked well for this model of shed has been to place them back to back, providing a free-standing unit with good access to firewood from both sides of the shed.

As with other Glenn’s Sheds designs, construction consists entirely of pressure-treated lumber – topped off with a long-lasting metal roof.

Owners often will set one of these sheds near their home to work as a staging area. Wood from the larger shed, located further from the home, can feed this smaller shed, and provide quick access to the wood stove, no matter what the weather. The Modular Shed can then be refilled when the weather is more cooperative.


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