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Oscawana Sheds


The Efficiency
These sheds feature a high-drying capacity. Each shed is built in place, a bit off the ground (the “Breathable Below” feature), to allow ventilation from underneath the shed as well as from all sides. The slated sides offer continued ventilation for the firewood, ensuring rapid drying of the internal parts of each piece of wood. The breathe-ability of these sheds can accommodate the light dustings of snow or rain that occur, while encouraging a quick dry-out of the external moisture when a dry day follows – along with a steady drying of the internal moisture throughout. Sunlight is also an important ingredient in outdoor firewood drying.

This style of shed allows sunlight to do its job on the firewood within. It is most important to dry the internal portion of the firewood, the water in the living cells themselves. This is what is meant when one asks if the wood is dry. This is the way to achieve a higher BTU output of the wood burned. Drying the outside of the wood can be a much faster process – outside on a dry day, or mere hours by the hearth. In deciding which shed to select, the landscape setting will be considered as well as the firewood usage each season.

The Beauty
The sheds are designed to enhance the beauty of your landscape and home, no matter what the style. We begin with a low site-line design, providing a structure that is both pleasing to the eye and efficient at drying firewood. We then design a strong, work-hard appearance blended with gracefully balanced lines – all joining to provide a subtly-stated beauty – A strong statement in any yard, without demanding attention for itself.

The Quality
Each Oscawana Shed is constructed entirely of pressure-treated, long-lasting lumber. The metal roof tops off this highly durable, rugged-use shed, allowing appreciation for the owner over significant time.


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