About Glenn’s Sheds

about Glenn’s Sheds is a family-run business that operates out of upstate New York, in the town of New Paltz, set between Albany and New York City. The sheds were first built to satisfy our personal needs for firewood storage, and grew into a demand by others. Our goal is to provide the highest quality shed we are able to, focusing on beautiful lines, effective drying, overall strength, and longevity.

Experienced builders adapt each shed during installation to the landscape of the site-location. All that is needed from the owner is a clear site. The builders will do the rest. We are proud to work with satisfied customers in a wide area of New York and Connecticut.

Multiple generations contribute to Glenn’s Sheds in one form or another – a fruitful experience for all.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

About Glenn

“If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing Well.”
This maxim has always resonated with me. It made sense when I first heard it and it makes sense still. And when I follow it there is great satisfaction – for myself and for anyone else involved. I appreciate when I see a job well done (it could be making a cake or building a house, performing a dance, rock-climbing, or anything else), and I know that others do too. When I first read the story of The Three Little Pigs I was cheering inside for the third pig who made his house of brick – a wise pig who saved himself and his fellow pigs. I often thought of him as I built things big and small.

I can remember from an early age building forts of various types with my brother Stephen and cousin Paul. One log-fort that we built over a period of years, during a rapidly growing period for all of us, mirrored our growth. When finished we could see how small the logs were that we started with (that was what we could lift) and how much larger they were by the time we finished. The top-heavy fort was very funny to look at, yet we were all quite proud at what we had accomplished. Most of the forts we built were in the trees, however. We just loved building in the trees, our tallest being 60 feet up in a great Oak tree, three levels high, complete with rope-bridge to a tall tree 50 feet away. We loved being in the forest canopy where so many birds were at home.

I continue to love to build, recently completing a second level on a tree-house for (and with) my grandsons. Unlike in our youth, I now take advantage of pressure-treated lumber. Longevity is a good thing. Pressure-treated lumber is what I primarily use on the fire-wood sheds as well. The durability is extraordinary. (This is a major step in doing the job well)

I first burned wood in campfires as a boy, in Connecticut and Vermont. It wasn’t until I moved to the more wide open spaces of the North Country in New York State, in the early 1970’s, that burning firewood became serious. Living just a few miles from Ontario, we often saw the temperature sink to negative 30 degrees F and deeper still. With no other source of back-up heat, burning firewood took on an essential survival role. What a great appreciation we felt.

Many years later I still love to heat with firewood. Over the years I have built sheds of many shapes and sizes, to care for this fine fuel. It was when living in New Paltz, NY that I began shed-building to fill a need for myself and family (The firewood piles with blue-tarp covers were beginning to take over the yards). Others who saw the sheds liked them and asked for sheds for themselves – and so “Glenn’s Sheds” was born. I still work with the same principle of a “Job worth doing…” That‘s why these sheds can now be found in several states, gracing homes from small log cabins to mansions overlooking the Hudson River.