Will’s Woodstock Firewood Shed

In a beautiful corner of Woodstock, NY, Will had a clever custom firewood shed built. The shed was constructed against a deck at the side yard to his home so there would be easy access to the firewood. It was a large capacity shed with an extra tall roof, designed to comfortably walk in – and of course the firewood storage ability was significant – multiple full cord.

The most clever part was the design of two doors at the back side of the shed, where ordinarily there are fixed slats. This way firewood could be loaded in from the back, then later pulled out from the front, where the deck to the house led to the wood stove close within.

Custom design firewood sheds have been requested throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond, and it is always a joy to bring a new design into form. This new out-building will look perfect alongside the new dance/yoga studio Will plans to build – a nest of beautiful buildings, happy in the Hudson Valley.

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