Another Blanket of Snow

If you have firewood under tarps then this is not a welcome event. Another blanket of snow means more buried wood, loss of air circulation, vulnerable to deterioration and loss of BTU heat. It’s also a pain to get to your firewood—when frozen or wet tarps are on top.

If your wood is in a functioning, breathing firewood shed like one of Glenn’s Sheds, then no worries. Another blanket of snow will simply be shrugged off—the wood comfortable and safe. I have had firewood stored for years in these simple open sheds, with no deterioration at all—as long as the sheds are able to breathe, allowing the wood to shake off the exterior moisture that frequently mists it. My neighbor still has wood from Hurricane Irene in his shed, a number of years later, ready to burn whenever he is ready. The only change appears to be the grey look of weathered wood. When burned it is dry and hot.

Getting wood under cover and able to breathe early in spring will give it time to fully dry —and stay dry. This is the way to get maximum BTU output when you start burning in the fall. This will also ensure that the “dry” firewood you buy in spring will indeed be dry when the time to burn arrives. And this is a very satisfying feeling.

Then there is the difference in look to consider – between snowy tarp and a snow- covered firewood shed, hmmm!

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