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Glenn’s Sheds is a family-run business that operates out of upstate New York, in the town of New Paltz, set between Albany and New York City. The sheds were first built to satisfy our personal needs for firewood storage, and grew into a demand by others. Our goal is to provide the highest quality shed we are able to, focusing on beautiful lines, effective drying, overall strength, and longevity.

glenn nystrupAbout Glenn

I first burned wood in campfires as a boy, in Connecticut and Vermont. It wasn’t until I moved to the more wide open spaces of the North Country in New York State, in the early 1970’s, that burning firewood became serious. Living just a few miles from Ontario, we often saw the temperature sink to negative 30 degrees F and deeper still. With no other source of back-up heat, burning firewood took on an essential survival role. What a great appreciation we felt. Read more

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